Our Company Safety Guidelines

Safety First

"We are committed to the safety of everyone we come in contact with and our employees. It is at the heart of our company culture and I am proud to say that we have had many years without a lost time injury now!" says Doug Berwick, President

Safety Record


Safety Training Program

Our Safety Manager ensures that our standards are met from new hire training through on-the-job safety. We offer extensive safety training and have been nationally recognized to adhere to safety standards with Platinum National Awards for Safety from the Federated Electrical Contractors. In addition to meeting industry standards such as Lock-Out/Tag-Out and Arc Flash, we also offer a 4 year journeymen apprenticeship.

Most Recent Recognition

2015 Platinum Award - National Award for Safety
   Awarded by:  Federated Electrical Contractors

For a full list of Safety Awards and Recgonitions click here.