Electrical Safety

At BEC, safety is at the heart of our company culture; ethical, safe, quality work is a top priority. We currently boast over seven years without a lost time injury -- that translates to over 1,500,798 man hours worked to reach this achievement. BEC is an industry leader in the area of safety. In addition to receiving the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Platinum National Awards for Safety from Federated Electrical Contractors, BEC has also received national recognition from the National Safety Council for "Exceptional Safety Performance" and various other awards. Click "play" on the video below to view the requirements of our safety training program. To learn more about our safety record, click here.


We are proud members of the following safety organizations:


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National Safety Council

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Colorado Safety Association

American Society of Safety Engineers American Society
of Safety Engineers

Safety Awards:


Platinum Award - National Award for Safety - 2013 - 2010

  Awarded by:  Federated Electrical Contractors


Zero Injury Award (District 8) - 2010 & 2009

  Awarded by:  National Electrical Contractors Association


Safety Excellence Award (District 8) - 2010 & 2009

  Awarded by: National Electrical Contractors Association


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