Power Quality

Tim Prime, Berwick Electric's Power Quality Manager, is always seeking solutions for customers' power quality problems. He performs on-site surveys of existing electrical installations, including system and equipment grounding, load capacity evaluation and determination of the presence of harmonics. His in-depth understanding of technical factors and specialized monitoring equipment allow Berwick Electric to detect and recommend solutions to our customers' power quality problems.

power quality

"With computers in virtually every workplace, power quality has become a major concern," Tim says. "Voltage fluctuations and power failures can cause calculation errors, data loss, shutdowns, even equipment damage. Now we also have to worry about something called 'harmonics'."

"Harmonics are electrical signals at multiples of the power line frequency, which occur where there are many personal computers, adjustable speed drives and other equipment which draw current in short pulses," Tim explains. While harmonics don't directly cause computer problems, they do affect the power distribution system.

"Proper grounding, dedicated circuits and power conditioning can solve these problems," Tim says. "Every customer's needs are different. My job is to find a creative, effective solution that fits their budgets."

If clean, consistent, reliable electrical power is vital to your business, call Berwick Electric. Thanks to people like Tim Prime, we're well grounded in power quality management.


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