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9 of the Punniest Electrical Puns

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Fri, Jun 13, 2014

Sometimes, you just need a good laugh. Just in time for the weekend, here are some of the silliest electrical puns we could find. We hope that you enjoy!

Q: What would a barefooted man get if he steps on an electric wire?
A: A pair of shocks.

A sun-tan lotion is a solar insulator.

The foolish gardener planted a light bulb and thought he would get a power plant.

A successful politician is a power transformer.

image of smile
Sometimes you just
need a good chuckle.

Wind power is very popular because it has a lot of fans.

Have you heard about the nuclear physicist who went fission (fishing)?

Q: What is an electrician's favorite ice cream flavor?
A: Shock-o-lot!

Watt are you doing?

You seem so well grounded.

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