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4 Ways Your Colorado Springs Employees Waste Electricity During the Summer

Posted by James Rockhill on Wed, Jul 22, 2015

4-Ways-Your-Colorado-Springs-Employees-Waste-Electricity-During-the-SummerIt's summertime. Clothes are thinner, food is healthier, and it feels like everything else should be lighter and thinner, as well. If your electric bill isn't following the summer trend, it may not be the increased air conditioning you're running. You may have employees who are wasting electricity while they're working in your business. 

Air Conditioning

This is the most obvious way to waste energy during the summer months, and yet employees are guilty of it every year. Customers really don't enjoy having to wear a sweater when they come into your business. If a jacket is part of everyone's work wardrobe, you know you've got a problem. Invest in a locking thermostat that won't allow workers to change the temperature. Simple boxes that screw onto the wall over the thermostat work well for very little cost. Allow employees to wear lighter clothing, or design a summer uniform, to avoid complaints about the interior being too hot during the workday. 


Doors are meant to stay shut most of the time, and yet many people prop them open for long periods of time during the workday. It may be necessary to prop open a door during a food or inventory delivery, but the door should be shut immediately after. Leaving the doors open causes the cool air to escape, and that means an air conditioning unit that has to run longer and harder, wasting power for hours. You may also want to consider a Building Management System. 


Computers and POS register units use a lot of power. It doesn't make much sense to turn them off and on all day long, but when the business is closed the machines should be off. Also included are:

  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Scanners

These items take a few minutes to boot up, so it makes sense for them to remain on during the day, but leaving them on after closing wastes power.


The sunlight is strong during a Colorado Springs summer, and its light is more than powerful enough to illuminate some business interiors. If you can see well in your lobby or front office, your employees should leave the lights off until dusk. One fourth of all electricity used nationwide is for lighting, so every bit your employees can save will greatly affect your bottom line. Even when the sun begins to sink in the afternoon, look into using task lighting over desks and work areas instead of more expensive general lighting systems, and encourage your employees to use it.

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