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YMCA_5069-1Background:    James D. Berwick (Jim) dedicated himself to his family, business and his community.  He loved the challenge of operating his second generation business, Berwick Electric Co., in an ethical manner that was above reproach.  He served on numerous boards including the Colorado Springs Planning Commission, Electrical Board of El Paso County, Colorado Springs Symphony and School District #11 Board. 

His concern for the youth in our community led him to start CODE (Committee on Drug Education), which was the first organization in Colorado Springs to educate youth and fight drug abuse. This resulted in him being recognized with the Service to Mankind Award.   His moral convictions were evident in his comment, “When you need to make a difficult business decision, make sure your choice is one that you would be proud to have your family read if it were on the front page of the newspaper.” 

Jim’s beliefs were founded in his family’s upbringing, his involvement in his church and the YMCA.  Jim’s father actually led the YMCA’s orchestra back in 1904, and Jim grew up enjoying YMCA camping and swimming. 

Upon Jim’s passing in 1998, his family chose to create a scholarship through the YMCA, which recognizes our community’s youth that display a passion similar to his. 

Purpose:  The James D. Berwick Memorial YMCA Scholarship will be presented to a minimum of one graduating high school senior each year. This scholarship will recognize outstanding youth that have demonstrated exceptional character and ethics through volunteer involvement in YMCA programs or related programs serving our community-especially youth. This scholarship is given annually in memory of Mr. James D. Berwick, who’s years of dedication to his family and community reflected the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. 

Scholarship Criteria:  The scholarship will be given for one year only and cannot be renewed. It may be used at any accredited college or university at the discretion of the receiving youth.  A scholarship for $1,000 (amount is up to the discretion of the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region and the Berwick Family) will be awarded each year. This scholarship may be used for tuition or related expenses. The application must include a completed on-line application form with an essay about the importance of ethics, character development and volunteerism, a detailed outline of the applicant’s YMCA involvement, and up to three letters of recommendation. 

Application Process:   Applications must be submitted on-line by visiting and selecting the “Berwick Scholarship” located under the “Support” tab. Applications will not be accepted after the scholarship closed date (please see Application Timeline). 

Qualifying Requirements:    All applicants must live in the Pikes Peak Region, El Paso or Teller Counties. Applicants must demonstrate, in writing, their commitment to outstanding ethics, character, volunteerism and YMCA involvement. YMCA involvement may include employment, high school YMCA Board Members, YMCA Making a Difference, participation in YMCA Teen Programs, Youth Sports participation and/or coaching, mentorship, etc.  All applicants must be in their senior year of High School. 

Application Questions:         

  1. Describe your YMCA Experiences and explain the benefits of your YMCA Experiences.
  2. Describe your view on the importance of ethics in the work place and character development.
  3. Explain how you have incorporated the YMCA’s four core values, caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, into your life. Please provide specific examples. 

Selection Committee:  The James D. Berwick Scholarship is a two part selection process. The first phase is the James D. Berwick Scholarship Selection Committee, comprised of (2) YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region Metro Board Members, (2) YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region Foundation Board Members and (1) designated YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region Staff Member, coming together and selecting the top applicants to move onto the next phase. The second phase is the Berwick Family choosing the recipient(s). 

2016 Application Timeline

Scholarship Opened On-line:             October 12, 2015
Scholarship Closed On-line:   December 30, 2015 at 11:59pm MST
Berwick Scholarship Committee    
    Selection Meeting:   January 12, 2016;  11:30am-1:30pm
Finalists delivered to the    
    Berwick Family:   January 14, 2016
Recipient(s) chosen:   January 28, 2016
Recipient(s) notified:   January 29, 2016
2016 Annual Meeting:   February 18, 2016

Scholarship Presentation:     The James D. Berwick Memorial Scholarship will be presented each year at the YMCA Annual Meeting in February. 

Funding:  The James D. Berwick Memorial Scholarship will be funded by the proceeds from the endowment fund established to honor the life of Mr. Berwick. The initial amount of $4,638 will be placed in an endowment account. The earning from this endowment will be used to fund the scholarship. If the fund does not earn enough to cover the entire cost of the scholarship, Berwick Electric Co. will contribute the remaining amount, up to $1,000. Berwick Electric Co. will contribute additional amounts to the principal of the endowment each year until the endowment is sufficient to fully fund one scholarship annually.



James D. Berwick



John D. Berwick (seated second from Right)

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