Local Electricians Walk to Fight Blood Cancers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., September 10, 2013 - Every four minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer, and every 10 minutes someone dies from a blood cancer. To help slash these statistics, Berwick Electric Co. (BEC) employees will join other teams of walkers on Thursday, September 19, at Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs, Colo., for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) annual Light the Night Walk.

Upon raising at least $100, walkers carry illuminated balloons during the walk -- a symbol of hope for those affected by a blood cancer. Each step taken helps to propel the LLS toward its mission of funding research to find cures and provide services to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. For BEC, joining in on this mission to help find cures and support those living with a blood cancer hits close to home.

"My father was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago and is doing marvelously well now, for which I am very thankful," BEC Service Billing Coordinator said. "This disease is outrageously expensive to treat, and my father is very lucky to have insurance to cover it," she added. "Many others are not as fortunate, and so I participate in every opportunity I get to support this organization [LLS] which is helpful to so many."

Since 1954, LLS has funded nearly $1 billion in blood cancer research, some of which has resulted in standard therapies (like chemotherapy) for many other cancers. As a result, survival rates for some blood cancers have doubled or even quadrupled. LLS currently funds 400 researchers globally. LLS provides free information and support services to patients, family members and care-givers, including: patient aid, co-pay assistance, support programs and educational programs.

About Berwick Electric Co.

Berwick Electric Co. was born in 1921, when local business owner J. Douglas Berwick observed that the existing gas lines were of little use for the latest technology of the day - radios, phonographs, washing machines, ranges and more. When he made the leap from gas to electric in both his home and business, Berwick inspired friends to do the same. After receiving his Electric Contractor License Number 11 from the State of Colorado, Berwick started a company that has since serviced the Pikes Peak region with excellent customer service, integrity and cutting-edge technology.

Since its humble beginnings, the Colorado Springs-based electric company has expanded to serve both the local community and out-of-state projects, with services that include residential, commercial and industrial service and construction, power quality and data communications services.

Berwick Electric Co. also prioritizes community involvement by setting a positive example of corporate and social responsibility. To help make Colorado Springs a better place to live and visit, Berwick Electric Co. regularly supports various non-profits and local causes, and was awarded the 2012 Outstanding Corporate Philanthropic Program Award by Partners in Philanthropy.

MEDIA CONTACTS: Tonia Nifong, marketing coordinator, 719-389-1554, tnifong@berwickelectric.com; or Doug Berwick, president, 719-492-8330, dberwick@berwickelectric.com.