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Design-Build: Why It Matters for Your New Construction or Renovation

Posted by James Rockhill on Mon, Oct 19, 2015

If you’re building a new commercial facility—or renovating existing business space—one of the key elements of that process is your electrical system. There’s a lot more to getting a reliable, safe, and robust electrical system, however, than just “running wire” from a power source to the outlets. 

What you really want (and need) is a system that’s designed to meet your current requirements—and can be adapted and expanded as your needs change and grow. Businesses today rely on consistent, quality power supply that’s capable of delivering exactly what they need. To make sure that happens, you need to take a look at much more than just the number of outlets that are being installed.

That’s one reason design-build and design assist projects are such a big part of Berwick Electric’s construction portfolio. We partner with you, the engineers, and your construction team during the pre-construction phase to contribute our expertise in planning and cost estimating to develop “best-value” solutions.

We use computer-assisted design (CAD) and the appropriate engineer interface to develop the project concept and refine project plans to meet your exact specifications. Design-build and design-assist are excellent ways to expedite the construction process and deliver projects that meet your critical electrical standards within your budget and schedule.

One of the advantages for you is that the same people who design your system are the ones who install it—making for a much smoother and trouble-free process. It helps eliminate confusion, delays—and the finger pointing that can occur when contractors have conflicting agendas. You end up with a better solution, less stress, and a better chance of sticking to your schedule and your budget.

That approach has delivered great results for our clients over the years. We invite you to check out a couple of our recent projects to get an idea of our capabilities. We’d love to design and build a great electrical system that meets (and exceeds) your business expectations!

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