Electrical Customer Service

Ten Commandments of Customer Service

Our Ten Commandments of Customer Service provide a snapshot of what you can expect from our certified electricians. These commandments are the backbone of the work that we do here at Berwick, and they help us keep customer service a top priority


I. Safety shall have priority over all else.

II. The quality of work performed shall
meet or exceed customer expectations.

III. The highest level of integrity shall be
maintained in ALL business dealings.

IV. The customer's time shall be respected.

V. The customer's work area shall be left clean to
the customer's satisfaction.

VI. Employee's performance, behavior, appearance, and
professionalism shall meet Berwick Electric's standards.

VII. Communication with customers shall be
open, honest, and timely.

VIII. Knowledge and training shall
be a continuing process.

IX. All actions shall foster long-term relationships.

X. Customers shall receive value that meets
or exceeds their expectations.