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Power Quality: It May Sound Boring, But We’ll Make Sure You Never Have to Think About It

Posted by James Rockhill on Fri, Oct 16, 2015

As a business owner, Power Quality may be something that never crosses your mind. After all, electrical power is either on or off, right? Who wants to talk about the quality of the power their electrical system is putting out? Sounds pretty boring.

But poor power quality can cause calculation errors, data loss, computer glitches, shutdowns, and even damage to sensitive (and expensive) equipment over time. If your business deals with a lot of critical data or uses equipment that depends on uninterrupted power supply (healthcare, for instance), you need to be sure that the electrical power going to your equipment delivers consistent, reliable power you can depend on. 

Your business needs are unique to your particular business. That’s why our highly trained professionals don’t offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Instead, they develop a solution to provide you with the consistent power you need by performing a comprehensive, on-site survey to examine current electrical installations, load capacity, and other factors.

These electrical experts have an in-depth understanding of the technical factors involved—and they use specialized monitoring equipment to detect any potential problems before recommending the best solutions to your power quality problems.

Talking about things such as high voltage cable termination, infrared systems and ultrasonic testing, and UPS systems may not be great conversation-starters at a party—and may actually bore you to tears, but ignoring them can lead to the kind of problems that will keep you up at night, wondering why you’re having trouble with the sensitive equipment you use daily to do your job. 

Whether you run a data center, a hospital or physician’s office, a laboratory, or any other business that depends on a pure, consistent, uninterrupted source of electrical power, you can’t afford to gamble. If you’re building a new facility, or remodeling an existing building, make sure the electrical system you rely on is as up-to-date and efficient as the rest of your building. 

It may sound boring, but we can provide the kind of solution for your business that means you’ll never have to think about it again!

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