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Scenic Work: The Broadmoor Fishing Camp

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Wed, Oct 22, 2014

The scenery of the Lost Creek Wilderness is well known for its red peaks, bright skies and the snow-fed Tarryall River. Home to what will become the new Broadmoor Fishing Camp, Berwick Electric Co.’s (BEC) electricians are currently enjoying this beautiful setting as they work on the camp’s electrical installation.

“This unique project involves the renovation of an old, rustic cabin and lodge complex that was most recently known as the Ute Trail River Ranch and featured in some Park County history books,” Project Manager Mark Norman explained. “It is located about 20 miles north of Lake George, Colo., on Park County Road 77, near the Lost Creek Wilderness Area.

The Broadmoor Hotel recently purchased the property with plans to offer guided fishing trips and rustic stays for those seeking a memorable and adventurous outdoor experience. “We are working under Beckrich Construction on this interesting renovation project,” Mark said. “Beckrich is doing a great job maintaining the historic, rustic look of the complex, while performing some additions, upgrades and modernizations to the property.”

As the electrical contractor, BEC is upgrading the electrical service and distribution to 11 buildings, including a main lodge with dining and cooking facilities, seven basic cabins, a bath house, fish house and maintenance building. “We will be installing new lighting to match the décor of existing lighting and upgrading the branch circuit wiring as needed,” Mark explained. “One of the original electrical panels in the Lodge building was sold by Sears Roebuck & Company!”

Working alongside Project Manager Mark Norman is Foreman Tobi Collins, with installation assistance from BEC Electricians Eric Norman and Tom Meeker.

“It is a privilege to be part of this unique and challenging historical preservation project,” Mark said. “We are anticipating completion sometime in November, weather permitting.”

We invite you to take in the beautiful surroundings of this project by scrolling through the photos below. Photography was provided by the talented Emily Brumley of M Photography. Emily's work has been featured in publications like Destination Weddings, Honeymoons Magazine and Runner’s World Magazine. You can contact Emily at or (719) 660-7496.

Fishing Camp 1 Fishing Camp 2
Fishing Camp 3  Broadmoor Fishing Camp 4



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Working Outside the Box: Devil’s Head Fire Lookout

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Wed, Sep 24, 2014

Unless you’re a pilot, chances are that you don’t regularly use a helicopter in your day job. Recently, BEC electricians got to work “outside the box” on an electrical upgrade project at Devil’s Head Fire Lookout, the last remaining manned U.S. Forest Service fire lookout tower in Colorado, located at the summit of Devil’s Head in Douglas County. 

BEC Electricians enjoyed a variety of unique challenges with this project. Because the job site is only accessible by foot or rotor wing aircraft, the team used a helicopter to fly tools, equipment and materials in and out of the job site. In addition, communication through normal channels was limited, and preconstruction coordination was essential. Further, the team often worked in the rain to complete the project on schedule.

“A big thank you to Lucas, Brian Riggs and Josh Maul, whose efforts on the coordination were absolutely integral to the success of this project. We would also like to thank Rampart Helicopter Services and RGC Group, Inc. Due to the logistics associated with remobiliztion, Brian Riggs and Lucas actually spent three nights camped at the job site." Project Manager Andrew Maestas said. ”There were many late nights and early mornings for these guys, and without their willingness to go above-and-beyond, this project and projects like it would not be possible while maintaining the exceptional quality of service for which Berwick Electric Co. is known."

You can catch some of the highlights by clicking play on the video below.  

To learn more about the work BEC does, click here.


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Building the Future: 2014 Scholarship Awarded

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Thu, Jul 24, 2014

Both Berwick Electric Co. (BEC) and the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region have been integral parts of the local community for decades, and BEC has the privilege of offering an annual scholarship to one worthy high school senior who is involved with the YMCA. We recently had the honor of awarding this year’s YMCA James D. Berwick Scholarship program recipient, Kaylee Marquez, with the much-deserved award.

A 2014 graduate of Palmer High School, Kaylee plans to major in criminal justice at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in the fall. She has been a member of the YMCA since she was 11 years-old, and she became a YMCA lifeguard in April 2012. “I have gained valuable life experience during my time at the Y,” Kaylee explained. “I always enjoyed the programs and the friendly atmosphere that the YMCA presented. I have also learned valuable lessons such as the importance of patience, acceptance, caring, teamwork, leadership and responsibility.”

YMCA BEC Scholarship Recipient
Palmer High School graduate Kaylee Marquez
receives the 2014 YMCA James D. Berwick Scholarship.

Kaylee’s involvement with the YMCA has given her the opportunity to work with people from a variety of backgrounds. The YMCA’s partnership with the Deaf and Blind School provided Kaylee with the opportunity to work with this population, influencing her decision to minor in American Sign Language.

The YMCA provides an excellent environment for youth development. We are pleased to award Kaylee with this year’s YMCA James D. Berwick Scholarship, and we wish her the best of luck with her studies in the fall.


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VA Clinic Set to Open in August

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Thu, Jul 17, 2014

Image of COS VA Clinic under construction

After over a year of hard work on the new Veterans Affairs Clinic, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) took possession of their new clinic, owned by US Federal Properties, on June 12. Located at the corner of Centennial Boulevard and Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs, Colo., the 96,000 square-foot clinic, with a maximum occupancy of 1,322, is set to open for services in mid-August. With the clinic’s opening, veterans can expect state-of-the-art medical care set against awe-inspiring views of Pikes Peak; the famous peak is framed by the clinic’s elevator lobby atrium.

Berwick Electric Co. (BEC) is proud of its involvement in installing the variety of electrical, data communications, life safety and security systems associated with the new clinic. Those who have given so much for our country will have access to radiology/biomedical, counseling, behavioral health, rehabilitation, physical therapy, optometry, audiology, dental and pharmaceutical services. “There were a lot of additions to the project, and yet we were able to finish on time with no added delays,” Jacobsen Construction Superintendent Markel Massey explained.

To help meet the diverse client needs, visitors will check in at one of six kiosk units in the main lobby. From there, they will be directed to the appropriate services area of the building; each suite has its own reception and waiting area.

Image of VA Clinic Coffee Shop Entrance

All of this activity will be supported by a 3,000 amp 277/480 volt electrical service, including nine electrical rooms, an emergency generator for the smoke evacuation system, mechanical equipment and a sophisticated lighting control system, as well as other electrically-related items. The electrical service will also support the radiology suite, which includes three x-ray rooms, MRI, CT, and mammography equipment and site lighting.

For the majority of the project, BEC General Foreman John Travers oversaw a very challenging, on-site electrical installation. Great thanks go to BEC General Foremen Dale Butterfield and Dylan Alley, who contributed detailed technical systems support and finished the project when John was pulled to start another project at the Pueblo Chemical Depot. Throughout various stages of the project, BEC Foremen Ryan Hurless and Eric Norman provided additional supervision and support. Several other key members of the installation included BEC Electricians Glenn Kapu, Matt Hall, Travis Smith, Amber Weems, Roger Ross, Lynn Cleveland, Jonathan Fugate, Dan Sternthal, Tony Pisaneschi, Brian Miller, Brian Riggs, Collan Krzywonski, Zach Williams, Nathaniel Cinocco, Josh Rincones, Tyler Patzner, Michael Fernandez and Paul Heinzen.  

The VA Clinic’s data communications system is supported by six large data communications (DataComm) rooms that boast extensive copper and fiber cabling. BEC’s DataComm Division team, led by Shane Gebbink and Paul Brumley, did an excellent job overseeing the installation. BEC DataComm Technicians Anita Ternyak, Ken Brumley, Wade Sims and Tyler Lundgren completed installation work that is said to be the best and neatest designs that the VA Information Technology professionals have ever seen.

BEC Electrician Tobi Collins spearheaded the installation of the fire alarm system, as well as the integration of the sophisticated smoke evacuation system. The smoke evacuation system, which is controlled by the fire alarm system, proved to be a challenge to install. Controlled by the fire alarm system, the smoke evacuation system is also integrated with the mechanical, door security, and door operator systems; it's quite a sophisticated system.

BEC’s contract also included security systems, mostly subcontracted by BW Systems. The installation included access control, motion intrusion detection, hardwired duress, wireless duress and a few select, monitored area security cameras. “System pathways and power connections could not have been better; their (BEC’s) attention to detail is phenomenal,” Steve Cress of BW Systems explained. “This challenging project was made much more manageable due to the excellent leadership and quality work provided by Berwick Electric Co. The Colorado Springs VA Clinic project required a tremendous amount of up-front and ongoing engineering to provide systems that would integrate with the primary head-end system located at the Denver VA facility,” he added. “As the team leader, Berwick coordinated the much-needed customer meetings to flesh out the details of the installation to provide optimum system integrity.”

BEC is proud of the excellent work contributed by its general foremen, foremen, electricians and DataComm employees.  BEC looks forward to the benefit that the VA Clinic will provide for the community; those who have served and sacrificed so much for our country deserve the best.

We invite you to take a peek at more of the new clinic by clicking play on the slideshow below.

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Affordable Solutions: Design-Build & Design-Assist

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Mon, Apr 21, 2014

At Berwick Electric Co. (BEC), crafting affordable solutions that fit each client’s unique needs is more than just a priority - it’s a way of life. And when it comes to design-build (DB) and design-assist (DA) projects, BEC specializes in doing exactly this. Whether you’re a healthcare facility or an office space, our commercial and large contract clients have come to expect practical designs at realistic, long-term costs. Keep reading below to learn more about how BEC shines in the areas of DB and DA.

Design-Build & Design-Assist: What’s the Difference?

Design-build and design assist at BEC
BEC specializes in practical DB & DA solutions.

Although DB and DA have many similarities, there are a few important distinctions. In DA, the project owner hires the engineer, and BEC assists the engineer in the design of the overall project. DB, on the other hand, is where BEC hires the engineer. In this scenario, BEC has more control over the overall design. BEC works closely with the engineer, recommending practical adjustments in order to get cost-effective results.

“To provide a small-scale example of DB, BEC’s service department completes a lot of small ‘DB’ projects every day,” Senior Estimator Waldo Pendleton explained. “Customers call in with a problem, and we design and provide the best solutions from which they can choose.”

History & Experience Matter

Before choosing an electrical contractor for a DB or DA project, it’s important to consider history and experience.  “The overall success of a project is connected with the final cost of the job,” Waldo said. “Though plans may look good on paper, it’s important to make sure that those plans are also cost-effective and work on the installation end,” he added. “BEC’s longevity in the field is largely based on our consistency in these areas.”

One thing that sets BEC apart is the practice of providing detailed quotes from the start. “Rather than providing a price based on square-footage alone, BEC provides a much more comprehensive quote,” Waldo said. “We’ll actually create a one-line diagram for a customer and get accurate pricing to the best of our ability -- even down to specific light fixtures in most cases.” Since budget is a major component of projects, BEC’s precise pricing, from the get-go, helps customers plan accordingly.

The success of both DB and DA projects boils down to exceeding the customer’s expectations, and this is BEC’s track record.


To learn more about BEC’s capabilities, click here.  

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Veterans Affairs Clinic Set to Open in June

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Mon, Mar 03, 2014

Nature is not only beautiful, but studies show that it can also aid healing. Soon, veterans and active duty troops will be able to take in the gorgeous sights of Pikes Peak while receiving state-of-the-art medical care at the new Veterans Affairs (VA) Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Image of VA Clinic in COS
The new VA Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo., is set to open in June.

Since its foundation work began in early 2013, the new VA Clinic has come quite a long way. With the exterior of the building complete, the final details are coming together. “Working under Jacobsen Construction on this project has been a great opportunity,” Project Manager Mark Norman said. “John Travers, Dale Butterfield, Dylan Alley, and Ryan Hurless are leading the power and lighting installation.” They, alongside their crews, are working diligently to finish the project.

Various jobs are wrapping up as the facility nears completion. “This project is coming together quickly, and a large portion of our electrical scope at the VA Clinic is winding down within the next month,” Mark explained. “Permanent power was established in mid-February, and the trim work is currently taking place. At the start of March, mechanical commissioning is scheduled to start.”

Additionally, the telecomm cabling is well under way, and the communications rooms are coming together. “Shane Gebbink’s (BEC datacomm manager) men, led by Paul Brumley, are doing a great job,” Mark commented.

Tobi Collins (part of Dale Butterfield’s crew), is leading the fire alarm installation. This unique system includes the integration of the smoke evacuation system with the fire alarm, access control, door operators, and some mechanical fans. “Owner training is set to take place in late May, and the final turnover is planned for mid-June,” Mark said.

Once the facility is turned over and opens, it will support nearly 72,000 veterans and 50,000 active-duty troops who live in El Paso County. The clinic will offer health services such as CT scans, lab work and other diagnostic services, as well as mental health care and treatment for traumatic brain injuries.

Berwick Electric Co. is proud of each individual’s dedication and hard work on this project!

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Berwick Electric at the US Olympic Training Center

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Mon, Feb 17, 2014

The buzz surrounding the Olympic Games is palpable; years of training and sacrifice culminate in competition as the world watches. But what the world may not always see are the teams of people devoted to creating and maintaining the training facilities -- world-class training environments.

Image of Cathy Starr at USOTC
BEC Foreman Cathy Starr on the USOTC Campus in Colo. Springs

With the U.S. Olympic Training Center in its backyard, Berwick Electric Co. (BEC) has had the opportunity to help maintain the best training environment possible for both national and international athletes.   We recently had the privilege of chatting with BEC Foreman Cathy Starr about her experience installing a Mass Notification System on the U.S. Olympic Training Center (USOTC) Campus in Colorado Springs.

Berwick Electric Co. (BEC): Describe your work at the USOTC.
Cathy Starr (CS): We are currently installing the first non-military mass notification system in Colorado Springs. In the event of an emergency, this system allows all of the buildings on campus to communicate with each other, and it also provides immediate lock-down areas for added security. We’ve been working on the installation on and off for about four and-a-half years. We are just about to finish the ninth building, and we have about one more year until the job is complete. The current project has been the smoothest; we’re kind of in the zone after updating so many buildings.

BEC: How does the mass notification system work?
CS: This system is actually part of the fire alarm panel, and it’s integrated with the fire alarm speakers and strobes. One system functions both as the fire alarm and the mass notification system. It’s pretty intricate.

Image of Umberto "Junior" at USOTC
BEC Electrician Umberto, a.k.a.
"Junior", completes wiring at the USOTC.

BEC: You seem very passionate about your work. What are the things that captivate your interest?
CS: To me, it’s all interesting. It’s fun to observe all of the different cultures and activities that collide on the USOTC campus. During the time I’ve been here, wrestling teams from China, India, and Sweden have visited.  Working with the staff here is also a very pleasant experience. It makes life very easy.

I also like that I get to deal with so many people throughout the day. From contractors, HVAC technicians, and painters, to electricians and the USOTC’s maintenance staff, I enjoy interacting with so many different trades. Working in a variety of locations is also interesting. No two days are the same. I also enjoy working with fire alarm systems -- safety is important!

BEC: What is it like to work in an Olympic training facility while the winter games are taking place in Sochi?
CS:  Well, the athletes who train here are the summer sports athletes; I don’t know of any athletes from this area who are in Sochi. However, a lot of the USOTC staff are in Sochi now, so it will be interesting to hear all of their stories when they return.

When we were on the USOTC campus during the last summer games, there was a lot of energy and tension. Everyone was very focused, as they should be. It’s exciting to be around that kind of energy! I feel very fortunate to have had the experience of working at the USOTC.


To learn more about the electrical services provided by Berwick Electric Co., click here.

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Behind the Scenes: BEC at Memorial Hospital

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Wed, Jan 29, 2014

A lot goes on “behind the scenes” at a hospital. Although the coordination of various hospital workers, doctors, nurses, patients and schedules is pretty obvious, you might not always notice the complex, electrical processes that sustain the hospital itself. Keep reading below to learn more about BEC’s opportunity to work in this exciting area.

Raising the Roof: Electrical Upgrades

Image of boiler project at Memorial Hospital
A BEC electrician works on the boiler project at MH.

When it comes to wiring a hospital, BEC’s electricians can compete with the best. In one current project, BEC electricians are working to upgrade the electrical system at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo. One aspect of the upgrades includes switching out two of the hospital’s massive boilers. “In order to replace the boilers, we actually have to remove part of the roof from the building,” Project Foreman John Luther explained. “This makes for a very interesting day on the job.”

In addition to unique building challenges, project success also requires detailed coordination with other trades. “To me, everything we do is interesting,” John said. “It’s always a challenge to efficiently coordinate with the other trades on the job. We have foremen meetings almost daily, and we use CAD drawings and software like Bluebeam to help things run smoothly. Our crew also uses iPads to work out details with the other crews on a job.” Working well with the other trades on a job is a must, and BEC makes every effort to stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards.

BEC electrician Ray Rincon works on the air handler project at MH.
BEC Electrician Ray Rincon works
on the Air Handler Project at MH.

While working to upgrade the hospital’s boilers, BEC’s team is also involved in a multi-phase project to replace the air handler units. “These air handlers facilitate all of the air changes for the north part of the hospital,” BEC Electrician Ray Rincon explained. “It’s a great, challenging project.”

Containing Construction

Working on electrical upgrades is only one aspect of BEC’s current work at Memorial Hospital; the ambitious company is also completing electrical wiring for the construction of a new pharmacy inside of the hospital.

“Working on a construction project inside of an operating hospital is a challenge. You really have to take extra measures to ensure that germs and construction particles aren’t spread throughout the hospital,” John explained. “One way we accomplish this is by creating a negative air pressure inside of the construction area. This keeps dust and other particles contained.” Innovative problem solving is a staple of project success.

There truly never is a dull moment on the job at Memorial Hospital. BEC’s electricians genuinely enjoy the challenge of strategically implementing state-of-the-art upgrades. To learn more about BEC’s construction capabilities, click here.

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Electrical Updates: Project Manager Tony Cerciello

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Fri, Dec 20, 2013

Only in a mountainous state would electricians potentially need to repel down rocks in order to place lighting. Although traditional images of electrical work include installing light fixtures or wiring outlets, the actual work environment can be quite adventurous.  Today we invite you to take a look into some of our recent projects, headed by BEC Project Manager Tony Cerciello. Read on!

Wiring State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities

Image of electrician Justin Fauland
BEC electrician Justin Fauland installs a light fixture
at the El Paso-Teller County 911 Call Center.

For soldiers returning from overseas work, well-rounded mental health care is a priority. To help meet these needs, Evans Army Hospital has built a behavioral health unit. As the electrical subcontractor, BEC had the opportunity to install lighting and wiring. “We are in the final commissioning phases of this project, with the move-in set to take place in January,” Tony explained. “A unique challenge we faced during this project was ensuring that all of the fixtures and devices met government requirements,” he added. “It’s vitally important that patients are in the safest environment possible.”

In addition to finishing up the behavioral health unit at Evans Army Hospital, BEC is also slated to replace approximately 50 percent of the lamps and ballasts in the building. The goal is to swap out the current lighting with energy-efficient alternatives that will both save money and reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint.

On the medical end of the spectrum, BEC is also completing a variety of work at St. Francis Medical Center. In addition to installing the electrical components of a physicians’ lounge, BEC’s electricians are also hard at work on a gastrointestinal suite and a perioperative suite. “What makes this job unique is working inside of an operating hospital,” Tony said. “We take every precaution to help prevent the spread of disease, while also ensuring that life safety systems (such as the fire alarm system), will continue to function while electrical work is in progress.”

Unique Work Environments and Fast Deadlines

Image of Electrician Matt Vigil
BEC Electrician Matt Vigil installs wiring at
the El Paso-Teller County 911 Call Center.

After all of the critical medical projects are complete, BEC electricians will potentially have the opportunity to practice their repelling skills with a new lighting project at Seven Falls. Although Seven Falls sustained significant damage during recent flooding, the natural site is planning to reopen after repairs are completed. Those who are familiar with the Colorado Springs area know that Seven Falls is a staple of local tourism. Gorgeous scenery and hiking opportunities draw locals and visitors alike. To enhance the natural beauty of the area, Seven Falls will install accent lighting to illuminate the rocks at night. “We are currently in the design-assist stage of this project with Norcostco Lighting out of Denver,” Tony said. “Should we be awarded the project, we may have some very adventurous work days. Due to the extreme rock conditions in the area, some of the lighting spots can only be reached by repelling to them.”

Additionally, work is 70 percent complete on new fixtures at the El Paso-Teller County 911 Call Center. “This project was accelerated,” Tony explained. “In order to meet the quick turnaround time, BEC had to ensure quality team work with the general contractor and the other trades.”

A wide variety projects definitely keep BEC’s project managers and electricians on their toes. Working with a high standard of excellence and care is a top priority at BEC. To learn more about the services we offer, please click here.

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Berwick Project Spotlight: Evans Army Hospital

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Tue, Sep 10, 2013

For nearly five years, Berwick Electric's talented electricians have had a hand in remodeling the Evans Army Hospital at Fort Carson. And, when it comes to constructing a state-of-the-art hospital for doctors, nurses, and patients, the Berwick team enjoys the challenge. To learn more about Berwick’s projects at Evans Army Hospital, we recently spoke with Project Manager Tony Cerciello about the “ins” and “outs” of the project. Tony has over 25 years of experience in the electrical industry, and he has worked on a variety of projects including medical, high tech, government, and others. Keep reading below to learn more.

Image of BEC Project Manager Tony Cerciello
 BEC Project Manager Tony Cerciello

Berwick Electric (BE): Can you describe the scope of Berwick’s involvement in the Evans Army Hospital renovations?
Tony Cerciello (TC): Well, we are currently finishing up alterations to the fourth floor surgery recovery unit and the fifth floor behavioral health unit. Both floors were completely gutted and remodeled. The behavioral health unit is especially important, as more soldiers need mental health care post-Afghanistan and Iraq.

In addition to these floors, Berwick is also working on a 15 KV substation for the power plant that powers the hospital. This substation will power two new chiller units that provide cool water for the hospital’s air conditioning. Prior to working on the fourth and fifth floors of the hospital, Berwick also performed work for the emergency room remodel, as well as the clinics on the second and third floors of the hospital.

BE: What are some of the unique challenges involved in working in a hospital.
TC: With this project, one of the main challenges was managing construction inside of an operating hospital. A main concern with completing construction inside of an operating hospital is infection control. Working alongside the general contractor, we established infection-control barricades. We used an air machine to create a negative air pressure inside of the construction area to prevent any dust particles from escaping.

BE: What benefits will the new upgrades bring the hospital?
TC: Nearly all of the hospital’s interiors have been upgraded to current standards, both electrically and aesthetically. It’s almost like having an entirely new hospital. This is a great benefit to the many military families that the hospital serves.

BE: Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
TC: Yes. I’d like to thank Dave Lenz, Berwick Electric’s foreman who has been onsite at the hospital for five years. He’s done an excellent job handling the Evans Army Hospital projects alongside other projects. I’d also like to thank Brad Burkett, Danny Porter, Dan Sternthal, Paul Heinzen, along with many others, who have worked hard to uphold Berwick’s great reputation. It's also been a pleasure to work with Fort Carson, Bryan Construction, and the hospital staff.


Berwick Electric Co. enjoys working closely with owners and contractors to implement key electrical systems for construction projects. To learn more about Berwick’s construction services, please click here.  

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