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PFC Floyd K. Lindstrom Outpatient Clinic

Not long ago, we had the opportunity to do some significant work on behalf of our Nation's esteemed veterans. The Veterans Affairs Clinic, located at the top of the hill on the corner of Centennial Boulevard and Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offers care to many veterans in the Pikes Peak region.

Now, thanks to a new 96,000 square-foot, 1,322-occupancy clinic, U.S. military veterans can expect state-of-the-art medical care set against awe-inspiring views of Pikes Peak.

We were delighted to be involved in installing a wide variety of electrical, data communications, life safety and security systems required for the new clinic. Those who have given so much for our country now have access to radiology/biomedical, counseling, behavioral health, rehabilitation, physical therapy, optometry, audiology, dental and pharmaceutical services.

Challenges the Project Presented

In order to create the ideal medical service environment, we had to overcome multiple challenges in our work. Some of them included:

  • To help meet the diverse client needs, we needed a convenient way for visitors to check in and then be directed to the appropriate services area within the facility
  • The building needed a fire alarm system that also integrated a sophisticated smoke evacuation system and access control
  • All of the electrical activity needed to be supported by a powerful electrical service including: multiple electrical rooms, an emergency generator, lighting control system, and other mechanical and electrical equipment
  • The project required a tremendous amount of up-front and ongoing engineering to provide systems that would integrate with the primary head-end system located at the Denver and Pueblo VA facilities
  • There were numerous modifications to the scope of the project

All of these challenges needed to be handled with extensive planning, quality craftsmanship, and team collaboration.

How Berwick Helped Solve These Challenges

  • To help meet the diverse client needs, we installed six kiosk units in the main lobby so visitors could check in and then be directed to the appropriate service area within the facility
  • We successfully installed the fire alarm system and access control systems which integrated with the sophisticated smoke evacuation system
  • All of the electrical activity is now supported by a 3,000 amp, 277/480-volt electrical service, which we set up. It required nine electrical rooms, an emergency generator for the smoke evacuation system, mechanical equipment, a sophisticated lighting control system, and other electric-related items. It also can support the radiology suite, which contains three x-ray rooms, as well as MRI, CT and mammography equipment, along with site lighting
  • Berwick coordinated customer meetings to figure out the best approach to the installation and to maximize optimum system integrity.
  • Although there were a number of modifications to the scope of the project, we were able to finish on time, with no delays

We look forward to the benefits the VA Clinic will provide for our community. Those who have served and sacrificed so much for our country deserve the best!

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