Colorado Springs Electrician Reviews & Customer Feedback

"I wanted to thank you for your help with getting my job set up. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Paul, the technician who installed my light fixtures. He was so friendly and professional. He had installed my light that was two stories high, had put his ladder back on the van and was installing the last light when I came home for lunch. My husband who was there did not instruct Paul to hang the light where I wanted it (it was four links off). Paul said it was no problem; he got the ladder back out and re-hung the light. I apologized the entire time! He was adamant that it was no big deal and just wanted to make sure I was happy. I have only had to use an electrician twice in my life, and both times it was not a good experience. One was a person from Craigslist who was sloppy, and the other was a distant family member who did a good job but charged too much. My experience was just the opposite with Berwick; I felt the job was done professionally, and the amount of the job was accurate.

I don't want to forget about you! (The project manager, Terry S.). You were so prompt getting back to my initial email and calling me to answer all my questions. I am a customer for life with Berwick and will refer and praise your company any chance someone asks me if I know of an electrician!

Thank you again.

-Lynda, 12/14


"I really want to thank you guys for the great work this week. You have been very - no - EXTREMELY responsive to our needs this week, and I thank you.

Also, I want to give you feedback on Paul's work and his personal demeanor. Paul is a great face for your crew, as he is professional and well-spoken. Just as imporntat, he does great work. His work product is top-notch, and I will be proud to have customers see how the equipment has been professionally set up and connected. If Paul is available next time we need something done, please send him!"

-Robert Folaron of Smart Nanos, 12/14


"Although Buddy was willing to come out in the cold on a Saturday night to fix a smoke detector that kept chirping on our 14-foot ceiling, he decided to try to walk us through it, because we were almost finished with the task. He calmly walked us through the task to stop the chirping and then called the next morning to make sure that everything was still working properly. We are thankful for Buddy's willingness to help us over the phone and to go above and beyond with a follow-up phone call."

"Thanks for you and your company, Berwick, for all the work y'all performed. The guys you sent out, especially Paul, were great to work with. Tim, your attention to this project kept it running smoothly."

-Bobby Akin, 11/14


"Adam did a great job! Enjoyed working with Terry also."

-T. Miller, 10/14


"I love you people - good, old-fashioned honesty and reliability."

-Beals, 10/14


"Eric was very thorough, considerate and took time to make sure we understood everything."

-Henderson, 10/14


"The guy that worked on this did a super job - so pleasant. Promote him and give him a raise."

-Loevy, 10/14


"I was impressed with the work done on my business - very professional! Tim and Dillon did a great job and both were fantastic. You have some great guys there."

-Gavin, Daily Harvest Aquaponics, 10/14


"Mike B. was very helpful and did such a good job! He went out of his way to be very patient with me, and he was very professional."

-Susan Baker, 9/14


"Mike B. came to the house last week to install two ceiling fans. He was so professional, and he worked very hard! He had so much work to do but didn't even take a break. He pushed through and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend him and this company!"

-Nancy N, 9/14


"The only company that gives a '10' or more in all 10 commandments of customer service. Thank you!"

-Anna, 5/14


"Frank did a great job! Thank you!"

-J. Johnson, 5/14


"Thank you! We were very happy with Phil's work and attitude! Will recommend."

-John Adams, 4/14


"Thank you for a good job. Craig Pappas was pleasant and helpful."

-HR, OCHS, 4/14


"Billy Armold is our "go-to" guy!"

-Anonymous, 4/14


"Have always had good service from Berwick and will continue to use you!"

-Young, 3/14


"I could not have been happier. I was impressed with Demetrius! Very professional and polite. Thank you!

-Parsons, 3/14


"I am so happy to have found your company. I will from now on call Berwick Electric to do work on my house!"

-Barbera Konersman, 3/14


"THANK YOU for taking care of us so quickly and so professionally! Billy and Demetrius were so helpful and professional. They had to climb in and out of an attic that doesn't have any easy access. We now have someone we can call and rely on should we need an electrician in the future."

-Larry Mooney, 1/14


"Your no-postage-necessary, self-addressed envelope -- fantastic! Many companies don't even furnish an envelopel. Work done for me in year 2012. James and the other employees doing the work were amazing."

-Harris, 12/13


"Daniel and Vigil were great! You are a first-class company! We will always call you!"

-Julie Lippert, 12/13


"You've been excellent for 34 years!"

-Anonymous, 11/13


"Lucas and Vigil were efficient and so friendly to have around our home! They are great!"

-Anonymous, 11/13


"Thank you; you got to my little job quickly. I really appreciate it; will call again."

-Anita Lewis, 10/13


"[I was] pleased with the work done on the new fan. Thank you for the 'Take Time.'"

-Anonymous, 9/13, NOTE: To download Berwick's "Take Time" reminder, click here.


"Great job! We love the solution BEC came up with, which preserved the part my mother liked, but fixed the switch and light problems."

-Thanks, Zell/Wooley, 9/13


"Buddy was excellent, knowledgeable, and very courteous! Likewise, Lucas met those same standards. 'Two' of your valued employees. A very positive experience for us."

-Folsum, 9/13


"Our technician was top-notch; [he was] communicative, polite, efficient, and professional. Thank you."

-Anonymous, 8/13


"Excellent interactions with Terry Schneider and Craig Pappas - very pleased with the entire experience!"

-Anonymous, 8/13


"Wonderful service. Above and beyond what was called for. Very polite and personable."

-Anonymous, 8/13


"The technician, Lucas, arrived on time and was courteous, efficient, and very knowledgeable. He diagnosed the problem, had the right part, and fixed everything, including re-checking it all, within a most reasonable time frame. He also assisted me in getting my fuses properly labeled--something I should have done a long time ago! People like Lucas and your front office staff are why we recommend and will personally use no one but Berwick for our electrical needs."

-B. Schaller, 6/1/13


 "I noticed a week or so ago that the outlets in the master bathroom weren't working. Turns out, neither were the outlets in the hall bathroom or the garage. I finally had time to request service, and Waldo from Berwick Electric contacted me very quickly. He said he thought he could talk me through it, as he was pretty sure it was just a GFI receptacle that I needed to find and trip. I found one in the house, but it wasn't the right one. Waldo used a lot of patience with me and pulled up contractor's notes on the house to see where the elusive receptacle might be found....I finally found it in the garage behind the snowshoes, tripped it, and ta-da! The outlets are working perfectly again. Waldo did not charge for the help, but only asked that I remember him and Berwick Electric whenever I need any electrical work. You can bet I sure will! What great service!"

- A. Harrison, 5/20/13


"I am so impressed. Your electrician was so professional, efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable. I just wanted to make sure Billy's supervisor knows how happy I am with the work he did. Thank you!"

- S. Furgerson, 4/25/13


"It has been a pleasure having Bill Elliott on our property. He has always been polite, appreciative, and respectful."

-Tari Stern, Myron Stratton Home, 3/26/13


"It is great to work with professionals. Daniel had some great input and ideas that helped save time and expedited the process of the job."

-Smith Energy Engineers, 3/11/13


“You’ve done several jobs for us over the years, nothing big, but you always do a GREAT job and I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate it. Thank you!”

-Yellow Cab, 3/7/13


"Waldo is a hero in my book! It would have been easier for him to say, 'The fixture is just too old,' but he managed to find parts and fix it. Thank you, Waldo--you're a sweetie! The installer also did a super job. I am so pleased with all of it!"

-Ms. Bailey, 2/12/2013


“(Dylan) demonstrated a great depth of knowledge as an electrician; technically sound with a singular focus on getting the job done right the first time…. As with Duane Dunblazier and the rest of your crew, he never took shortcuts and demonstrated a pride in workmanship that I’ve found is sometimes lacking in the construction industry. He was committed to doing the right thing even when no one else was watching.”

-D. Force, QCM/SSHO, 1/4/13


The technician was very knowledgable, efficient, and caring. We will use you again. He is an asset to your company. It shows that you ALL care. Thanks!

-Anonymous, 1/2/13


I would just like to thank Berwick Electric Co. for the outstanding professionalism demonstrated by John Travers and his team. Over the years I have had the fortune, (or misfortune, depending on how you look at it) to utilize a number of electrical contractors, and never have they been of the caliber as demonstrated by Berwick Electric Co.

I would sum up the teams of both John Travers as well as that of John Favors as on time, polite, organized, neat and extremely competent. I would highly recommend your company and those two supervisors to any of my contacts if & when the need arises. Thank you for such excellent workmanship!

-Respectfully, Ron W. Smith, 12/11/12


Billy did an excellent job. He went right to work & didn't waste time, & explained what he was doing. Billy was also friendly, courteous & polite. He was a hard worker.

-B. Hyles, 11/15/12


Great experience working with these professionals. Excellent people skills for great customer relations. Quality technical work and results.

-J. Pokorny


Very impressed! Berwick is a first class organization. The electrician was tops and very professional & knowledgable. Many thanks!

-L. Hall


A technician came over, he stayed a whole hour and he checked everything. He was more concerned about people than he was about anything else that was going on. I thought that was wonderful. He is quite an asset to the company. He is what you call a good electric man. I highly recommend them.



Great office staff...easy to set up appointment. Professional, punctual, highly experienced workers. Installed fixtures correctly, neatly, centered just as I wished them to be. I appreciate that they would not install an unsafe fixture. Respected our house...cleaned up after themselves.

-C. Joyner


Leon Jansen never fails to impress. I always look forward to working with him.

- Anonymous


Repeat customer. Did our kitchen lighting & very happy, so called again for living room. Don't remember how we found out about Berwick the 1st time (8 years ago)

- Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Very pleased with your work! Open communication and flexible schedule was great. Thanks!

- David

Buddy updated my electrics to code. Buddy is a GREAT guy, an employee to be proud to have.

- B. Givens


I have lived in Colo. Springs 85 yrs. My family has always used Berwick.

- F. Sanders


Thank you for your top-notch work, and staff.

- B. Brown


Loved the "Take Time" card! Serviceman [Mark Donlon] was prompt and kept me informed throughout the process. Very courteous and high integrity. Will use your company for any electrical needs in future.

- Carol J.


Mark & Matt were very punctual, efficient, informative and did a great job locating the problem. I'll ask for them each time I need some work done.

-Regards, B. Middleton


I had a full house electrical inspection done by Billy Armold. What a guy! Billy was polite, professional, treated my home like it was a castle. He was not in a hurry-- was very thorough. He fixed some minor things and made recommendations for the safety of our home in the future. Thank you, Billy!

-Nancy Overmyer

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