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How to Improve Office Lighting in Your Company Premises

Posted by James Rockhill on Wed, Jan 13, 2016


Many people don’t realize the effect that light has on us, but the truth is that humans are enormously photo sensitive. It is light and dark that determines our Circadian rhythms, and sets our body clock. That explains why office lighting quality is proven to affect productivity (not to mention a documented OHS concern in many occupations.) If you suspect that your office lighting is affecting performance, then there are several things you can do to improve the situation.


  • If you don’t already have energy saving lighting installed in your office, make sure that you design new lighting systems to take advantage of CFL, LED and other technologies. They can save you a bundle on energy costs.
  • If your office has flickering fluorescent lighting, be aware that this may trigger epileptic seizures. 
  • Understand that different tasks require different levels of light to ensure alertness and productivity. For instance, the minimum lighting requirement for computer work stations is 50 foot-candles. More complex tasks require more complex lighting, to ensure that work can be carried out safely.
  • Note that age and vision can also affect lighting requirements, and many older people require a minimum of 70 foot-candels to work properly.
  • Good lighting design is a matter of ergonomics, and require a combination of indirect overhead lighting, movable direct task lighting and natural light, in the correct proportions, to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions.
  • The color of your lighting (warm, cold or otherwise) is another factor that contributes to safe and healthy workplace lighting design.

How to Be Sure Your Lighting Works

In many cases, commercial building lighting design was done years or even decades ago, and there’s a good chance that your commercial property is being used differently today than it was then. It’s a good idea to talk to both an electrical contractor and a lighting specialist to devise a lighting and electrical plan, to bring your building back into the light.

A lighting designer will inspect and measure the lighting in your building, and make recommendations to bring it up to standard, while your electrical contractor may need to upgrade electrical, add outlets or fixtures or move them around.

Why You Need to Make These Changes

As mentioned before, lighting is critical to wakefulness and productivity in your office or commercial building. It can even influence customers shopping habits! It’s also a health and safety issue though, and if your commercial lighting is not up to standard, particularly where complex or dangerous tasks are being carried out, you could find yourself in hot water.

If you suspect that your lighting needs a boost, talk to your commercial electrical contractor first. They may be able to work with your existing installation, and improve the quality of lighting that you have, and that can be more budget friendly. If you do need an expert, they should be able to tell you, and very possibly recommend a good one.

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Lighting Ideas for Colorado Springs Retail Spaces

Posted by James Rockhill on Thu, Nov 05, 2015

If you want to maximize your retail income, you've got to do everything possible to entice your customers to come in and stay. Sure, having the right inventory is a great first step, but the environment in which you display it can make all the difference. If your retail space has got the right ambience, customers will love the shopping experience in your store. One of the most important parts of an indoor environment is the lighting. Lighting creates mood, highlights products you want to emphasize, it generally adds to the flavor of your store. Give up on those tired old florescent lights. Add new lighting fixtures for increased store traffic and great personality. 

Mood Lighting 

Shopping is an emotional experience for many people, and the level and color of lights can certainly affect emotions. When your shoppers like the way the inside of your store looks, they make an emotional connection. This connection will draw them to your store over and over again, giving you a growing group of repeat customers. Lower environmental lighting will give a cozier feeling, making the customers feel more at home. This relaxed feeling will have to counteract the stress that usually accompanies spending money. In addition, colored lights can emphasize holidays or occasions. Install lights in a pink shade to encourage Valentine’s Day purchases, or hang a sparkling disco ball over party clothes. Your customers may not realize it, but your special lighting is putting them more in the mood to buy.


Install downward facing spotlights over merchandise you want to emphasize, impulse purchase collections, high-end merchandise, and checkout areas. Your customers’ eyes will subconsciously go toward these areas, making them more attractive to them as buyers. If you have a product you want to push, place it under one of your spotlights. 


Sure, your sign is a way to let customers know you're there. But more than that, with the right kind of display, signs can add to mood lighting and create a fun environment. Buy one-word neon signs in fun colors, and hang them on the wall to emphasize merchandise. Words such as "new" or "hot" will give your retail space modern edge while drawing the customer’s eye. Obviously, this idea won't work for staid furniture stores, but for clothing stores, card shops, tourist areas, and even eateries, they can be a fun addition to your indoor decor.

Green Lighting

If your retail store emphasizes green living or renewable culture, add green fixtures to emphasize your commitment to the environment. Use CFC lightbulbs, LED lights, or other low impact lighting fixtures. These lighting methods will lower your carbon footprint, save on your power bill, as well as showing your customers that you practice what you preach. It's a win-win, savings on your power bill and more ecologically minded customers for your store. An LED retrofit is a great way to upgrade lighting and save money long term.

Safety lighting

Lighting additions to your retail space don't have to be decorative. Adding safety lighting fixtures can enhance the shopping experience. Install outdoor pedestrian lighting if you have sidewalks on your property. Install or improve the lighting in your parking lot, using LED lights for more visibility.  A licensed electrician will be able to run new wiring and add lighting wherever you need it.

Add bright lights to the front of your store, to make your storefront look more welcoming. With outdoor lighting, you’re sure to see more evening customers.

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