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3 Safety Threats of Poor Building Lighting

Posted by Tonia Nifong on Wed, Jan 07, 2015

Think about the feeling you get when walking in a dimly-lit area at night. Chances are that you feel less than 100 percent safe. And this uneasy feeling happens for a reason - crimes like violent assault and theft from vehicles are often associated with dimly-lit areas. By installing and maintaining adequate outdoor business or home lighting, you can help reduce the risk for threats like the following:

1. Vandalism and property damage. The Colorado Springs Police Department frequently suggests
increasing the quality of outdoor business or home lighting to help protect against crimes like vandalism. If potential offenders can be seen, they are less likely to inflict damage on your property.

2. Theft. Insufficient outdoor lighting is often a key factor in security breaches that result in home, vehicle or business thefts. Proper lighting helps to keep your valuables in their proper place.

3. Injury. In addition to crime, poor light can also contribute to injury. A lack of lighting in areas like stairwells or balconies can result in slips and falls.

Even if the outdoor areas of your home or business are well-lit at night, maintenance is also critical. “If you a photocell problem or your motion sensors aren’t working properly, Berwick Electric can help you out with that,” Project Manager Terry Schneider said. “And with the shorter daylight hours during winter months, adequate outdoor lighting is even more important.”

For more tips on choosing outdoor home lighting, check out this article from

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