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AFA Press Box at Falcon Stadium



Berwick Electric Co.  recently completed a renovation for the Blue and Silver Club and press box area at Falcon Stadium.  The project consisted of a lighting retrofit for the serving areas, the VIP lounge, the press box seating area and the associated lighting controls.  New mechanical equipment power was run for the air handling unit replacement.  Branch power was upgraded to the serving areas and the VIP lounge.  A new panel was installed to accommodate the additional required circuits for the remodel.  The existing communications system's cabling was rerouted to allow for more pleasing aesthetics in the press box area.  The fire alarm system was upgraded in the renovation area.  A new three-zone PA system was installed for the remodeled area.  Cable TV systems were installed to provide services to the new displays.  The project was led by Lynn Cleveland.  During construction, the scope more than doubled but the completion date did not change, causing the crews to work long hours to accommodate the start of the football season.