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Seven Falls and The 1858 Restaurant

Colorado Spring's Seven Falls is a seven-tier waterfall located in the heart of Cheyenne Canyon. A favorite among hikers and nature lovers, the falls remained off-limits for almost two years, since a massive flood, in 2013, destroyed roads and closed attractions within the canyon.

In 2014, the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort bought Seven Falls and decided to turn the old gift shop - nesting just under the falls - into a restaurant and embarked on a massive renovation of the place. When Seven Falls opened again in August 2015, after almost two years of silence, the brand new restaurant opened its doors as well.

The renovated restaurant has been renamed 1858, honoring the year that started the Gold Rush era in Colorado. To keep the old feeling intact, the renovation of the restaurant included the addition of chandeliers and lighting features that mimic mining lanterns, the construction of a 20-seating patio area, and a lot of touches to enhance the rustic wilderness feel of the building – including the use of reclaimed barn wood and hand-hewn stone. Old photographs depicting what the surrounding area looked like in the mid-19th century now hang on the walls as well.

Challenges the Project Presented

The team had to tackle multiple challenges such as:

  • Installation and infrastructure of power and lighting in a canyon and under water.

  • Installation of power for Christmas Season lighting months in advance of the actual holiday season.

  • All of the required specialty power, heat, and lighting necessary to run the 1858 Restaurant kitchen in the canyon.

  • All of the required specialty power, lighting, and heat for the Curio Gift Shop in the canyon.

  • Information Technology infrastructure throughout the canyon for the restaurant, Curio Shop, Caretaker's House, and lighting control.

All of these challenges needed to be handled with extensive planning, quality craftsmanship, and team collaboration.

How Berwick Helped Solve These Challenges

  • In order to create the optimal experience for those visiting both Seven Falls and The 1858 Restaurant, the team from Berwick Electric managed the installation of infrastructure conduit and wiring throughout the 4,000 foot long canyon to include (100) stream side LED lights, (30) under-stair mounted High Output LED fixtures to wash the main falls, (18) underwater fixtures to light the trout pond, (10) parking lot pole lights, and assorted tree and rock formation accent lighting. This also included lighting control panels and override switches throughout the canyon for automatic and manual control of all the fixtures.
  • Planning ahead for the holiday season, the team installed power for Christmas Season lighting every 150 feet throughout the canyon.

  • To create the best possible atmosphere for all dining guests at The 1858 Restaurant, the team installed power, specialty lighting and controls, fire alarm, and power to kitchen equipment and the dining room.

  • The team installed power, lighting, and heat for the Curio Gift Shop within the canyon to maximize shoppers' experience.

  • In order to deliver an unforgettable experience to all who visit Seven Falls, the team installed Information Technology infrastructure throughout the canyon for the restaurant, Curio Gift Shop, Caretaker's House, and lighting control.

We are so excited that The 1858 Restaurant is open and the Seven Falls attraction is ready for visitors! Be sure to stop by and call ahead for dinner reservations. Business is booming!

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